A young boy chases his dog through dreamed 3D chaos of New York City.

MAX & CHARLIE follows an audaciously cute boy (Charlie) on his adventure through a dreamed and picturesque New York City Spring day, as highly visual city set pieces highlight the day-long chase of his best friend, an adorably silly beagle named Max.

As Charlie chases Max through this surreal cityscape, he foremost confronts his dawning perception of chaos and its relative patterns: as he interacts with iconic city characters and traverses a series of lessons on the nature of growing up, Charlie begins to see and eventually appreciate the chaos and patterns that pervade life.

MAX & CHARLIE is a modern take on a young boy’s Alice in Wonderland: while most of this adventure happens in a dream (and dreams within dreams), there’s a final tongue-in-cheek twist to this dream world: just whose dream is this?

The same screenplay will be also be made into three primary (and independently-created) properties: a 3D graphic novel, a 3D feature film (live action!), and a 3D video game. Production is currently underway on the graphic novel (please inquire to see beautiful sample art); the film and game are in development.

MAX & CHARLIE was written by Zack Lieberman and will mark his feature-length directorial debut.