MAX & CHARLIE is a modern take on a young boy’s Alice in Wonderland.

We follow an adorable young boy (Charlie!) as he chases his dog (Max!) through a beautiful dreamed day in New York City — we’re turning New York City into a surreal and vibrant Wonderland. This is quite fundamentally a simple, sweet, and lovely little adventure through the greatest city in the world on one of the most beautiful days imaginable.

MAX & CHARLIE will be rated G and the overall property will strive for the broadest possible appeal. Written as a “thinking kid’s” story, its thematic hooks and visual style will nonetheless appeal to a wide demographic: like any successful children’s property, it will aim to speak to the kid in all of us.

Variations of the same feature-length script are being made into three primary, independently-created properties: a graphic novel, a feature film, and a video game. MAX & CHARLIE will utilize an “indie tentpole” model, with which we will create a lasting franchise of numerous international merchandising SKUs: by using small teams of talented independent craftspeople, we will produce and distribute high-quality physical and digital products while using proven cross-platform business strategies.

Our graphic novel will be the first product to hit the marketplace and will set the perfect tone for the wider property — and it’s very nearly finished! The feature film and video game are currently in pre-production, and we’re excited to be bringing on talented members to each property’s team.

Please contact us to read the feature-length script, learn more, and/or see samples from the graphic novel.