zdldz.com and zdlldz.com and some lessons learned

Okay, so I need to keep this short as I have a lot going on, and no, I haven’t written much lately as I’m finally finishing a major milestone of creative work (that you’ll soon see). I’ll be making updates, real updates, very soon and regularly. Stick with me.

All that said, after entirely too much internet BS, I’ve re-relaunched this site under a new, though very slightly different url: zdlldz.com. Yes, this site used to be at zdLdz.com, and now I must go around my internet and change the address everywhere it’s appeared, which is a surprising lot.

The story is long and silly, but its primary lessons are:

  • Never, ever — really, never — use 1&1 as a domain registrar, provider, host, anything. They’re crooks. And made everything several times harder than it needed to be. My original business with them was a 2005 mistake (when I originally registered zdLdz.com) made primarily because they were cheapest (and had massive advertisements in WIRED magazine at the time). As is almost always the case, you get what you pay for.
  • Domain speculators are the Worst (that is, someone who signs up for a service to automatically snag YOUR domain that you’re waiting to finish pendingDelete dns status so you can officially finish doing business with a terrible registrar (ahem) JUST as is becomes available on the open market so they can blackmail you into paying, like, way way waaaaay too much money for YOUR old domain that no one besides you would EVER actually use). I get it for soap.com (who I like) or apples.com (ha, check where that goes!) or something. But zdLdz.com? Really?
  • People can be sharks. And I probably should be too.

So I’m writing this post primarily for some semblance of SEO help with the switch (and the vent is kinda nice), and I know none of you probably care, and I’m obviously to blame for pieces of his debacle. I’m learning my lessons and will move on from here. So, enjoy your free traffic, new zdLdz.com owner (you anonymous fucking prick)*. It was good while it lasted.

Everyone else: hi! Lots of cool stuff coming soon! Long live zdlldz.com! Watch out for sharks!

* Please excuse me, that will be the only F-bomb ever on this site. Or for a while, here’s hoping.