Hiya, my name is Zack Lieberman. Welcome.

I I’m a filmmaker, producer, publisher, and digital artist/designer/developer/product builder based out of Brooklyn, New York; I’m from Seattle via Los Angeles (where I received my degree from USC). Click to peep my Facebook, Instagram, Twitterz, or LinkedIn. Download my CV here (pdf).

My professional background is in design, film, web, and interactive development: I came up launching numerous high-profile projects as a Senior Producer at MTV, and more recently led digital media production for an acclaimed Sony Pictures Television show (where I won an Emmy Award as part of a great team).

I’ve since founded my own production and publishing company EXIT STRATEGY new media, and lead the product design, development, and art direction for our consulting unit, which has garnered clients a combined XX+ million pageviews per month from 70+ countries. I’ve been the executive producer and lead developer on dozens of projects: I’ve developed multi-platform video advertising systems with XX+ million monthly impressions; I’ve managing complex technical advertising integrations for dozens of Fortune 500 advertising clients; and I’ve overseen the design, development, and launch of niche white-label social networks with X+ million active users. We’ve built rich ecommerce applications and dynamic interactive experiences for some of the largest wellness, biochem, agriculture, and hydroponics companies in the world.

I also co-created the award-winning series The West Side (http://thewestside.tv) and was named one of Filmmaker Magazine’s 25 New Faces of Independent Film; the magazine heralded The West Side as “ingenious low-budget independent filmmaking that just happens to be viewable only on the Web.” The series captured worldwide acclaim and won the 2008 Webby Award for Best Drama Series.

In my “free” time, I’m also leading technical development for a sweet new interactive publishing platform (for publishing to iOS, Android, Xbox, Playstation, VR/Oculus Rift) — which is part of my current BIG personal project, a young boy’s Alice in Wonderland set in New York City called MAX & CHARLIE. The project is being turned into a graphic novel, feature film, and video game — I’ve written and will direct each version. The graphic novel has recently been published via EXIT STRATEGY, and has been heralded as “one of the best indie graphic novels of Fall.”

My other personal projects have been selected to participate in various international film markets and I’ve been thankful to speak on numerous industry panels discussing the state of New Media.

But enough about me! 😉

I create clean, modern products that I want you to love.

I speak regularly on industry panels discussing the state of new media and I’ve firmly committed myself to a career of pushing the frontier of “transmedia” storytelling. I recently went “all-in” on 3D for a few years and started concentrating all efforts toward the development of feasible 3D workflows for independent filmmakers and digital content creators. Click to read the “Indie 3D” quasi-manifesto I wrote for Filmmaker Magazine a couple years ago. I’m basically getting ready to make MAX & CHARLIE into a badass lil indie 3D flick.

With that goal in mind, I’ve spent the past few years experimenting with, developing for, and writing on the future of independent 3D. Using an array of emerging 3D technology, I’ve shot and produced high-fashion and experimental 3D photography, art, and music videos, and in a good-will effort to help bring online 3D mainstream, most recently created FREE 3D GLASSES DOT COM. Since its launch, we’ve sent tens of thousands of free anaglyph 3D glasses to more than fifty countries worldwide; the site has partnered with the largest US-based 3D glasses manufacturer as an in-kind supplier and has business development in place to provide the backbone of marketing support for major 3D motion pictures and independent 3D films alike.

Thanks for stopping by! I’d love to hear from you! Get in touch →