free 3d glasses and pushing things forward

Another quick post announcing some newness of mine: is now live and ready to send YOU a free pair of anaglyph 3d glasses. That’s right, fo’ free!

The property itself comes from a pretty simple place: I’m creating more and more 3D content but almost no one actually has glasses to get the effect. As I explain a bit more about on the site:

I want you to see what I and others are creating, so beyond giving away high-end 3D electronics gear (which I will in an upcoming giveaway — stay tuned!), the easiest way to do that is give away the tried-n-true red-n-blue 3D shades (technically red and cyan).

As you’ve no doubt seen in the news and/or your movie/home theater, an incredible amount of technology has been/is being created to view 3D content. But the problem persists: there’s no easy way to see 3D media online without crossing your eyes or spending some loot. The technology’s quickly getting better and more pervasive, and hopefully these old-school red-n-blue shades will some day be moot. But in the meantime, sign up for your free pair, I’ll mail them to you right away, and lets help push 3D forward.

free-3d-glasses.comI’m launching the main site after a very successful soft launch of the partnership service for up-n-coming solo musician Kyle Patrick (also lead singer of The Click Five). The basic idea: we’ll create a vanity subsite for your upcoming 3D project (your summer blockbuster marketing campaign, or in Kyle’s case, an upcoming 3D crowdfunding/music video campaign). My backend deals with all the data capture and actual fulfillment (worldwide!), and your audience gets to see your 3D content. Easy, progressive, awesome.

Have an upcoming 3D project that could use some special love like this? Email me at [email protected] to find out more. In the meantime, check out the first partner campaign (already with thousands of signups and deliveries in 20+ countries).

Oh, and by all means go signup for your free pair →