MAX & CHARLIE long 3D demo

↑ This is a very rough anaglyph 3D demo for my upcoming feature film project. It’s a long one, no doubt, but I think there’s some beauty in it, so please try to stick with me as I spin around through the city. A shorter (though still rough!) demo is available here.

That said, I’m still in preproduction on the film itself (shooting begins September 2011) and none of this footage will be in the actual film. This was merely a day of shooting the general path of my storyline on a JVC GS-TD1 (sweet little camera, no doubt; review coming soon). And yeah, I was just trying some different filters/effects (nothing too crazy).

And yes, I know it drags at points and I spin too much and the convergence is definitely off at times. Please forgive these shortcomings: again, this is a very loose trim cut (I wasn’t going for polish) and it has basically no storyline. Maybe it could… let me know if you want the dailies and I’d love to see your edit. Seriously, just ask…

Music by Shlohmo (unauthorized; sorry and thanks!), verbatim from the beginning of his XLR8R Podcast. Go get it, it’s free and really really good. And thanks Henry, I hope to pay you real money soon. For those that don’t know, check out the wedidit crew, they’re doing gooood things:

And thanks Koo and B&H for hooking up the camera (and Steadicam Merlin). If you haven’t yet, peep; I’m positive you’ll find something rewarding (Koo is also my fellow co-creator of The West Side and 3rd Rail).