MAX & CHARLIE, “Connaissance”

Iā€™m not sure music videos for a book release is a thing, but it is now! We shot some test footage last year and decided to cut it into a music video: the clip features a groovy track from the forthcoming interactive ebook version of MAX & CHARLIE (built with Zyndo, a software company I/we started to make awesome interactive ebooks — much more on this soon enough!) Please oh please watch/listen and let us know what you think!


ā†‘ WATCH IN HD! A new camera test I shot/directed/produced with my friend Solomon Lang (@stayskatin, of Bustin Boards) and a few of his fellow Concrete Kings. I’ll have more on the production in an upcoming nofilmschool article, but this was basically just shot hanging out of a van with a demo Sony HXR-NX3D1U and a Steadicam Merlin.

This youtube render is a bit dark, but it looks great with some active shutters (a special pair of fancy 3D glasses). Stay tuned for the longer making of article on… and as always head over to if you need some 3D shades…